Which quarantiner are you?

Take our test to see which type of quarantiner you are…

When you live somewhere too cold to bare an ankle for most of the year, summer, in all its sandal-strapped gaiety, feels like a right. But as the weather warms and we get restless, more and more people are risking a socially distanced barbecue or three. Are you? By Emma Irving.

Take our test to see which type of quarantiner you are… 

1. Single? How does a socially distanced date sound?

A. Get me there. I watched Normal People and now I’d risk anything for some body contact. 

B. I’m up for it if it involves a glass of rose in the park and chatting from opposite ends of the picnic rug.

C. Zoom’s the way forward! Plus you can claim dodgy wifi signal if it’s going badly. 

D. Dates? What are dates?

2. One of your housemates is heading out to parties. They claim they’re socially distanced, but you know it’s unlikely. Are you…

A. Them.

B. Fairly relaxed. It’s been one hell of a long pandemic, and they say they’re being careful…

C. Quietly take them to one side and ask them if they’d mind cutting back a bit for the sake of the house.

D. Leave their possessions outside the front door one day and ask for your key back.

3. You haven’t had your hair done in three months, and that buzzcut is starting to make you look like Britney circa 2009. Do you…

A. Obviously pay for your hairdresser to come to yours. It’s all fine so long as you’re careful, right?

B. Prepare to fight your way into the salon seats at the crack of dawn the day it reopens.

C. Keep faith that one day your partner might work out how to highlight your hair without you ending up looking like a tiger.

D. It doesn’t matter because you’re never leaving the house again.

4. You plan to go for a picnic with a friend, but last minute they ask you if you’d mind heading to a BBQ with a group instead. Do you…

A. Join, after inviting a whole group of friends yourself. 

B. Go but stick close to the walls and only head to the BBQ when no one else is around (remembering not to hug people most of the time).

C. Decline. What’s wrong with the park anyway?

D. The idea of seeing a friend is pretty laughable…

5. You’ve got to take some holiday time before the end of the summer. Do you…

A. Book on one of the cheap flights abroad and find a bargain hotel. If the flights are still going, what’s the problem?

B. Secretly book a beautiful holiday house by the coast. They say people should avoid tourist hotspots, and you reckon MOST tourists follow the advice…

C. Start to look into camping in remote parts of the Lake District.

D. Prepare to hole up with your 5000th rerun of Gossip Girl.


Mostly As.
Wow, someone’s partying hard! While we’re all excited to get out again, it might be time to think: is it really worth the risk?

Mostly Bs.
You’re teetering on the edge; we’ve been in lockdown for ages, so you’re comfortable with bending the odd rule.

Mostly Cs.
A responsible adult, you’ve kept a happy medium between sticking to the rules and staying sane in these unprecedented times.

Mostly Ds.
You’re a lean, mean, Covid fighting machine. Not one to break the rules, you’re wisely staying at home like the law abiding citizen we aspire to be. Bravo.