Most creatives already have a second job.

(The gov just doesn’t know it yet). - Read more »

Monday 12 October

It looks like a three-tiered system is coming, and Trump’s got in trouble for a pretty dubious campaign tactic. Here are today's big stories... - Read more »

Calls to improve Supreme Court diversity

The promise to appoint a BAME justice to the supreme court comes after the lack of diversity amongst the body was widely criticised. - Read more »

Food insecurity rises but more eat out

The past few weeks have thrown out some stats about the UK's food habits that sound contradictory, but unfortunately exist within the same society. - Read more »

When politicians fail, ice cream steps up

Priti Patel has entered her latest feud with an unlikely opponent… ice cream makers Ben & Jerrys. - Read more »

Police use of facial recognition violates human rights

The Court of Appeal has ruled that facial recognition was used by British police force unlawfully, in a violation of human rights. - Read more »

Migrant crossings: Facing the UK’s inconvenient truths and convenient lies

The debate around migration is increasingly moving beyond logic - the facts no longer speak for themselves. - Read more »

More FSMs to stop ‘diet disaster’

A government-commissioned review recommends 1.5 million more children are added to the Free School Meals scheme - Read more »