It’s beginning to look like tougher restrictions

Plus a public sector pay freeze, Trump's still being a sore loser, changes to the age of consent in Japan, and a hero has passed away. - Read more »

Twitter tantrums and the tricky transition of power

Everyone is simply waiting for Trump to finally concede & the transition to begin. The question is: what does Trump have to gain from digging in his heels? - Read more »

Turning the tide on voter suppression

So sometimes in order to win, it's not just about getting as many votes as you can for yourself, you may also consider limiting the number of people who would consider voting for the other side. Even if that means they don’t vote at all. - Read more »

Viral overload: Trump catching covid has changed everything

Crucially, the timing of Trump catching covid less than a month before the election has the potential to open up the eyes of the electorate to the fact that the emperor is wearing a lot of makeup and not much else. - Read more »

Trump: from bad to worse

It’s not been a good weekend for Trump. They tested positive for Covid-19, just hours after a damaging tape of Melania was revealed. - Read more »

Trump v Biden: a chaotic 1st presidential debate

Well. That probably went as well as people as expected. And... Read more » - Read more »

Trump’s tax returns released

It seems that the true ‘Art of the Deal’ is to duck and dodge as much tax as possible. - Read more »