A Wellbeing Guide for Christmas 2020

The holidays are always a testing time for many: distinguishing the haves from the have nots; the lonely from the social; and the merry elves from the miserable scrooges, which is why with so much going on around us in today’s world, it is crucial that we check in with ourselves this Christmas. - Read more »

Where does the fast fashion fault lie?

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How to cool the job application burn-out

if you’re feeling at the end of your cover letter tether, here’s how you can keep a cool head when it comes to that job application fatigue. - Read more »

Take a break for International Stress Awareness Week

This week has perhaps never been so appropriately timed as in 2020: here's how you can take control and eliminate the stress of the coming months - Read more »

Get in the spirit of a lockdown Halloween

Halloween at home might feel like a downgrade from the norm, but here’s how you can still celebrate the day and have a ghoul-d time. - Read more »

How to ditch your doomscrolling habit

We’re all guilty of it. That almost compulsive need to scroll, knowing that all you’ll find is bad news and stressful stats…. Welcome to doomscrolling. - Read more »

No knead to stress: the therapeutic benefits of baking.

Inspired by the return of Bake off? Well, good news: baking has tons of benefits, even beyond just having delicious treats to eat. - Read more »

Embracing life’s ‘happy accidents’

The ‘serendipity mindset’ is all about finding meaning in what might appear to be complete accidents... and using them to change your life. - Read more »

Why you need to relearn how to breathe

It’s something we all do, day in day out, from the moment we’re born. But it turns out we might not be smashing the act of breathing as well as we think. - Read more »