Power is ours to take: How to be an Activist

“We felt like we had failed, but we weren’t disappointed in ourselves. We were disappointed in the government.” - Read more »

No justice, no peace.

A police officer has been charged with endangering Breonna Taylor’s neighbours. But none of the three officers involved have been charged for killing her. - Read more »

Who is Naomi Osaka?

Who is Naomi Osaka, the tennis player who just reignited the discussion around #BlackLivesMatter? And who are the victims she chose to remember? By Marta Portocarrero. - Read more »

BLM performance gets Ofcom complaints

The dance addressed the Black Lives Matter movement and ITV received over 1000 Ofcom complaints, opposing the message that the performance advocated. - Read more »

Black woman to lead Louisville police force responsible for Breonna Taylor shooting

First black woman appointed as Chief to repair the divides caused by Breonna Taylor's death - Read more »

Whistleblower exposes gang of police officers

You may have heard about prison gangs, but have you heard... Read more » - Read more »

Wisconsin protests for Jacob Blake

TW. Protesters have taken to Wisconsin's streets to demand justice for Jacob Blake, who may never walk again after being shot by police. - Read more »

Mystery plaques call out slave owners

A mission to tell the full story of our history. - Read more »