Meet the #TMIK team!

Emily Sheffield

The founder and CEO of TMIK. She spent a decade in news, then as the Deputy Editor of British Vogue, before venturing into the tech industry to radically innovate how we share the news. She’s also a columnist for the Evening Standard and a commentator for Sky News, so you might have seen her around!

Holly Beddingfield

Head of Partnerships and a Reporter at TMIK. She’s from Manchester, so you can rest assured our journalism won’t be London centric. If you see any Rihanna content, there’s a 100% chance it was her.

Bansri Sodha

Our Product Manager at TMIK, which means she’s on the tech side. She’s spent six years in tech and even decided to leave Microsoft for us. We feel lucky.

Sarah Bradbury

A Reporter for TMIK after a successful stint as a freelancer. She’s big on all things culture – she covers film from the red carpet – and is the best person to ask about upcoming art exhibitions.

Marta Portocarrero

Head of Video Journalism at TMIK. Before joining, she was part of an undercover news organisation in Peru covering environmental issues and corruption. They won a Pulitzer prize for their work. Marta searches the globe to find people on the ground actually living the news and help them share their experience.

Emma Irving

A Reporter who isn’t afraid to dive deep into the gritty stories. She’s fast becoming a sustainability expert, and is the author of our Shit Men Do feature, which helps us get that Friday Feeling.

We’re always on the look out for collaborators…

We’re always on the look out for collaborators… Are you a journalist, subject matter expert or have an interesting story to tell and want to get involved? Get in touch with us using the form below.

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