It’s a cycling ‘revolution’

Residents are going to get new decision-making powers

What’s that? Some good news at long last? Looks like it. Residents are going to get new decision-making powers in England’s cycling ‘revolution’. By Emma Irving.

In a nutshell?

Residents will be able to ban through-traffic from local streets and councils won’t be allowed to build substandard cycle lanes under Downing Street’s new plans to make England a cycle-happy zone.

How are they going to do that?

Active Travel England (ATE) will be king of the road: the new watchdog will be responsible for checking that both cycle and walking routes are up to standard.

What happens if they’re not?

ATE will stop waving the magic money wand: it will refuse to fund paint-only bike lanes that don’t give cyclers physical protection from cars or those where pedestrians and cyclists have to share the lane. Plus it could cut budgets in other areas for highway departments that don’t offer active transport options.

When will I know more?

Boris Johnson is formally launching the initiative today, so keep your eyes peeled for details 👀.