How is Covid-19 affecting India?

We heard from those on the ground about how the crisis is impacting them.

India is currently the world’s third worst-hit country by COVID-19. We talked to Indian citizens about how the crisis is affecting them. By Marta Portocarrero.

As of 13th of July, there are 879,902 cases and 23,200 deaths in India.

Capital New Delhi and Mumbai are the most affected cities, with around 100,000 cases each, but the virus is now spreading faster in southern states.

Various factors contribute to the high numbers, such as low testing, the relaxing of lockdown, which was first introduced in March, and a fragile healthcare system.

Much of the population of 1.3 billion is currently struggling.

As a result of the lockdown, 100 million people were left jobless and it’s increasingly hard for young people to find work.

Migrant rural workers who lost their jobs in the cities had to endure dangerous journeys to return to their villages, leading to a humanitarian crisis that made headlines worldwide.

The government has injected $5.3bn into its rural employment scheme in the hope of providing incomes for them.

But other Indians are still left starving.

How to help:

Lionel Raj is a documentor at SPPD. The small charity works with deprived children in the southern state of Tamil Nadu.

🇮🇳 They’re accepting donations here.

🇮🇳 Unicef is also working on the ground – you can donate here.

🇮🇳 ActionAid is working with poor and marginalised women, girls and communities – you can donate here.