#TMIK Events

We hold live events for our community on the issues you care about. We love the digital age but there’s nothing quite like having a conversation in real life! 

Shot from our debate


Does The Fashion Industry Care About Our Future?

Our first event was a debate: Does The Fashion Industry Care About Our Future? with the London Edition hotel. We partnered with Riley Studios to hold a panel discussion with New York Times writer and author Dana Thomas, supermodel and activist Arizona Muse, Vogue editors, Extinction Rebellion, and more. The best bit was the provocative questions posed by our community in the audience. Bravo! 

The turnout for Erika Lust


Revolutionising Porn with Erika Lust

We also held a talk with the brilliant erotic filmmaker Erika Lust. She came to visit us from Barcelona, and she and our founder Emily chatted all things ethical porn. From putting women behind the camera, to showcasing a diverse picture of female pleasure, it grappled with topics we don’t often talk about. Again, we loved meeting you all! Especially the two women who travelled all the way from Birmingham. 


It’s 2019. Lots has changed. But the porn industry is still home to misogyny, violence and a distinctly-male gaze.

Enter Erika Lust: the adult filmmaker on a mission to shake up the porn industry. Her films are feminist, beautifully shot and put women’s pleasure at the heart as well as a man’s. As she describes it, “the sex can stay dirty, but the values have to be clean.”

And we’re just getting started…

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