Dominic Goings

Everything you need to know today in 5 minutes: Cummings leaving no. 10, Trumper-tantrum against fox, Octavian dropped by his label and the JL Xmas ad.

Dominic Cummings will forever be remembered as the pantomime villain of the pandemic. Who can forget the performance of feigned, wide-eyed innocence as he justified a trip to Barnard’s Castle on his wife’s birthday as part of a routine eye test.

Well, following the departure of Boris Johnson’s comms man Lee Cain yesterday, pressure is once again being re-exerted on the brain behind the Brexit slogan. That’s right, if rumours are to be believed, Dominic Cummings could be on his way out the door of number 10 for good. 

The news comes following a growing disquiet amongst the cabinet and a rift forming between Boris Johnson and his govt. It’s also been noted in one of Cummings’ own blogs that his goal was to be largely redundant in his post by the end of 2020. Is this simply part of the great Dom’s plans or is he being forced out? We may never know the truth unless he wants to host another press conference in the rose garden of Downing Street – perhaps Specsavers have offered him a role he simply can’t refuse. 

The Trumper-Tantrum continues

Despite not being known for his honesty, Trump has told the truth at least once in his presidency: he’s not a good loser. 

Last night he was attacking his beloved Fox News for peddling the conspiracy of the ‘lame-stream media’ (that one actually made me chuckle – kudos Donny) that there was in fact no large scale election fraud. 

In fact, a statement by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency said there was no evidence that any voting system had deleted or lost votes, had changed votes, or was in any way compromised. They concluded that this was one of the most secure elections in US history. This also coincides with the Arizona voter audit office also declaring no fraud had taken place and calling the state for the democrats for the first time in 24 years.

In a series of tweets (of course) Trump denounced Fox News’ reporting of these facts, accusing them of having forgotten “what made them successful, what got them there”. 

There are rumours in Washington that Trump could be looking to set up his own digital media empire. So, discrediting Fox News of whatever credibility they have left is part of the strategy to lead his followers with him like the pied-piper of Mar-a-lago. 

Dropped on Friday 13th

(TW: references to domestic violence)

Rapper, Octavian, has been dropped by his label this morning following a series of domestic abuse allegations by his former partner. 

Earlier this week, his ex and co-star, Emo Baby, shared accusations that the rapper had “frequently kicked and punched” her, as well as having attacked her with a hammer and screwdriver.

Octavian, who first appeared on my radar following his collaboration with Gorillaz on the track ‘Friday 13th’, was also due to release his album today…on Friday 13th. 

Octavian has strongly denied the allegations and said he was dealing with the matter “legally and properly”.

Give a little love

Is it officially the countdown to Christmas? Does it feel like it should be?

That hasn’t stopped John Lewis from releasing its Christmas Advert today (good luck avoiding it, actually).

The ad features the song ‘A little love’ by artist Celeste – a classic melancholic ballad that will bring a tear to your eye, whilst filling your belly with festive good will. The advert blends a series of iconic animation styles including Raymond Briggs’ distinctive snowman sketches and Wes Anderson’s stop-animation critters. 

Inspired by the little acts of kindness we have all gifted one another through the pandemic, this year’s offering from John Lewis reaffirms that the little things can make a big difference.

Also, when you have seen the advert, we need to talk about that boy’s hair! What is up with that!?

Cheer me up!

You may remember the botched restoration of a painting of the Virgin Mary in the city of Valencia earlier this year. 

Well, another repair effort in Spain has become the subject of scrutiny. Images of a recent restoration job on a sculpture decorating a 20th-century building in the city of Palencia show significant changes to stone work’s facial features.

According to a report by the Guardian, the sculpture previously depicted the face of a woman smiling. And it’s fair to say she looks a little different. 

People on social media have compared the face lift to a resemblance of Donald Trump. Take a look for yourself at the before and after…

Us at the start of 2020 vs us at the end of 2020 – right?