News can feel overwhelming. Depressing. Confusing. Let’s change that.

We’re here to power a society that is more knowledgeable, less fearful, and is engaging in healthier conversations around the news.

Why we exist

When we first started #ThisMuchIKnow, we did lots of research into how millennials felt when interacting with traditional media. The patterns were stark: young people said the news made them feel overwhelmed, negative, and that it could harm their mental health. They also struggled to trust media outlets, citing bias as the main problem. 

We started TMIK to offer a solution. Although this demographic felt let down by the media, they did not want to turn a blind eye to happenings across the world – in fact quite the opposite. They wanted to be part of creating positive change around the headlines, but could not see how the media landscape could help them do that. The 24-hour rolling coverage carried on.

What we do

At TMIK, we give you the key facts about a story, why you should care about it, and how you can get involved. We steer clear of confusing jargon, and want you to think of us – and chat to us – like we’re a clued-up big sister/friend who has done the research for you. We always ask you what you want to know about, and love that you tell us if there’s something we should report on. Our ambassador programme, which platforms underrepresented voices, shares real stories in real time – showing you what’s happening on the ground around the world.

What we stand for 

We are totally independent. We do not work with any political parties or lobby groups, and we are not here to push any political agenda. However, we will always hold those in power to account on the topics our community cares about: the environment, feminism, diversity. We promise to speak up against hate and bigotry, as we believe there are certain topics (racism, homophobia, sexism, ableism) where we feel it’s our duty to speak out and take a stand.

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