Monday 26 October

From murder hornets in the US to a supermarket shopper revolt in Wales, here is all the news you need to get your Monday off to the right start! - Read more »

How to ditch your doomscrolling habit

We’re all guilty of it. That almost compulsive need to scroll, knowing that all you’ll find is bad news and stressful stats…. Welcome to doomscrolling. - Read more »

Are you feeling SAD, too? 🌧

Tips on how to beat the winter blues plus more great long reads from around the web this week - grab a cuppa and dive on in. - Read more »

New today

Is Tokenism in Vogue?

Vogue’s September issue celebrated Black culture and contributors. But is it too little too late? - Read more »

Friday 23 October

We're talking about last night's presidential debate, free school meals, being barred from the bars, extraordinary theatre in Nepal, and pet portraiture... - Read more »

The Croc Comeback

They're back, baby. - Read more »

Most creatives already have a second job.

(The gov just doesn’t know it yet). - Read more »

Losing touch: an ode to the hug

In the era of the pandemic, hugging our loved ones hello without a second thought is but a distant memory. So, what are the effects of the lack of touch? - Read more »

What if friendship, not marriage, was at the centre of life?

This and other great reads from the week. - Read more »

How to make lockdown birthdays actually fun

We've got you covered. - Read more »

Thursday 22 October

Today's all about the US election, the opioid crisis, good news for same-sex couples. Plus is England's tiering system leaving some workers behind? - Read more »

Should you warn newbies about your boss? 🤔

Look no further for your weekend downtime reading content: we’ve got... Read more » - Read more »

No knead to stress: the therapeutic benefits of baking.

Inspired by the return of Bake off? Well, good news: baking has tons of benefits, even beyond just having delicious treats to eat. - Read more »

Turning the tide on voter suppression

So sometimes in order to win, it's not just about getting as many votes as you can for yourself, you may also consider limiting the number of people who would consider voting for the other side. Even if that means they don’t vote at all. - Read more »